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My Maverick bike, code named BLOOPER


I’ve moved my Blogger reviews site to WordPress as it seems to search better.  Maybe an irrelevant choice, but, whatever.  I was going to review my 1984 volvo here next, but it’s just such a POJ (Piece of Junk) that I thought I’d review my Maverick Durance Mountain bike.  I’ll leave the original on my Blogger HERE, but here’s a slight revision so you don’t have to change sites.

I bought the Maverick Durance 4 years ago, from Bend Bike n’ Sport, in Bend, Oregon.  Now the company is out of Business!  Is this the end?  Obsolete! Am I now the proud owner of the cycling equivalent of an Edsel, a Rotary Mazda, a Beta-Max, a Laser Disc?

Is my bike now a Dodo, a Passenger Pigeon, an Auk? Or even worse is my bike like the now extinct Trek Flying V, (below) destined to by re-purposed as an Electric Guitar?


the trek V

trek flying V

the trek V- Ted Nugent Version

Naaaah.  I got the sweetness.  See, That’s the focus of this blog.  Why the stuff I like “rawks.”

I am the proud owner of the Maverick Durance:

My Mt. bike cost more than my car, and my other 2 bikes put together.  (Yes, my car is an outrageous 1984 Volvo 240DL  POS wagon, held together by dirt and duct tape, but one that is awesome, for reasons to be discussed later).  And yes, it’s a little juvenile that I spend that kind of money on bikes, and my car is… well, tune in Monday for the big reveal.

But let’s discuss the strengths of my bike.

It climbs:

… like a mountain goat:  The Durance has a 2 height front fork:  It’s can switch from either 5″ of bouncy up front, or 6.5″.  And when it’s set to 5″, the geometry is such that you hug the dirt and rocks like world class speed climber Ueli Steck. (Plus, he’s amazing, so enjoy).  And there is some unique aspect to the rear linkage that takes out all the bouncy in the back, and makes it hook up like mad. “Bouncy” is a technical term.  If it matters, it’s triple patented, ultra trademarked, and it was invented by Paul Turner, Mr. Rock Shox, etc.

It’s light:

With the amazing Maverick fork, it looks like a motorcycle.  The large diameter aluminum tube make it look like a downhill bike.  But, through crafty design, and in my case, overpriced, shimano dura-ace parts (pronounced due-ah-chay for proper italian accent) it weighs in at a pretty svelte 26 pounds: Not bad for an XL frame with 6.5″ of travel.

It’s Bitchin

It just looks sweet.


The one pictured here has the nifty attachment where you can lower the seat with a flick of a switch for descents, and then, when you start to go cross-country, flip, whoosh, and you’re upright again.  It is ‘mazing.  Of course mine does not have that feature.  Who wants all that weight.  (ounces, OK, maybe this was just me being cheap).

But what about my concerns about obsolescence? Naaaah.  This is the best part.  At least for now, my shop can service this bad boy.  That’s a huge deal in bicycle shock world, where you often have to mail off the suspension parts for repair replacement.  In Bend, I drop it off, 2 days later, I’m rocking the huge hits of like 6’.  (Translation, I’m enjoying amazing squishyness and performance as I gingerly maneuver my 43 year old non-athletic bag of bones over intermediate trails)

And here’s the judgemental part.  Maverick, If you’re going to pay too much for a toy, make it this one.

(Yes, I am, in fact, a Macintosh Guy).  Sweet.  All this bike-aggrandizement has me stoked to ride.