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I picked up Samsung Chrome book a couple weeks ago. I bought it at best buy, for about $215 as it was an ‘open box’ item. I’ll expand upon this at a later date, but here’s some quick thoughts.

-Instant ON is great. Most of the discreet instances that I turn on m computer are to check email, social networking, etc. Not having to wait for a boot is GREAT
-Nice Keyboard. It’s a basic ‘chiclet’ keyboard, but fits my needs, and is far superior to a tablet, at least in my opinion.
-Runs netflix, video pretty well. Netflix works great: Now, youtube and some other things bog down a bit.

-occasionally, randomly, shuts down. since it takes literally 1 second to reboot, this is not a huge problem, but I’m curious.
I still need my mac occasionally for excel, and other things, but the google docs are very nice.

Ping me with any questions. But, thumbs up.