Elvis is everywhere


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The suspect is dark haired, drives a cadillac, has a fondness of deep fried peanut butter and jelly, studies martial arts, sings, plays guitar, and loves his momma.  This we know.

Suspect two in the ricin mail case has been caught.  This being the South (my ancestral home), it is no suprise that people who poison trees or mail weird stuff to the president seem to have this rather rudimentary understanding of how mail, and phones work, but this is too much.

It’s almost as if the first search of tupelo Mississippi, postal mark on the letters, returned, “Elvis Presley”, and the game was afoot.  We go from Elvis Impersonator (obvious), to Tae-kwon-do instrutor (Elvis’ second love).

Next up, owner of a fried foods street cart, also in Tupelo.

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