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Iron Man III.

I recently wrote about Super Hero Investment Strategies HERE.  One of the  strategies got a little funnier after watching the post-credit scene in Iron Man III.  (No major spoilers).  I’d been writing all day, so I hopped on the bike to get a little fresh air, and went to see the matinee for Iron Man III.

The trailers alone had me fired up.   They warrant as much mention as the movie does, if for no other reason than that spoiler free movie reviews are pretty short.

Thor:  More whiz bang action from the Marvel Avengers initiative Hit machine.  Wasn’t super keen on the first one, even directed by Kenneth Brannagh, but you can bet I’ll see it opening weekend.  Tom Hiddleston, as Loki, will probably steal the show again.

Star Trek Into Darkness:  Big fan of the first, er, newest first one.  I think it was actually the 9th.  But JJ Abrams is the man, and his movies will bring well filmed scenes, good pacing, humor, pathos, and more lens flare effect than, well, a JJ Abrams movie.  And Benedict Cumberbatch will join Tom Hiddleston in proving that a sneer and a slight British accent makes for a riveting villain.

Fast and Furious 6:  I think, based on the effects I’m seeing in the trailers, that the F&F movies have moved to some gravity free alternate universe.  Don’t care.  Going to watch it.  Two words.  “The Rock.”

The Lone Ranger:  Early on, I was very concerned about this.  The early trailers were lackluster, and Johnny Depp is starring as some wacked out version of Tonto.  But the trailer I saw tonight was good, and Johnny Depp is starring as some whacked out version of Tonto.

Wolverine: After the tremendous “meh” of the first wolverine standalone movie, I’m surprised that this film was green lighted.  But I’m getting moderately excited to see this.  Plus, it’s filmed in Japan, giving ample opportunity for sword fights, neon, and dark wet streets for dramatic cinematic effect.

After a cup of  coffee, and some Reece’s pieces (fun fact: Coffee is by far the best value at a movie theatre), I settled in for Iron Man III.  It was Written and directed by Shane Black, the one man Hollywood hit machine author of Lethal Weapon I  and II, and The Last Action Hero.  He also played the first guy to die in the original Predator.

After the spectacle of inter-dimensional aliens, nuclear bombs, and other far fetched inclusions into the Avengers, I was ready for this little personal character Study, centering around the effect PTSD has had on the relationship between Millionaire Tony Stark (Spoiler: He’s actually Iron Man) and Pepper Pots (spoiler: She’s actually Gweneth Paltrow).

Iron Man III also stars Sir Ben Kingsly, Don Cheadle, and Guy Pearce.  Kingsly, in particular, seems to be enjoying himself quite a bit.  The movie is well paced, and had a couple of real surprises in it.  Director Shane Black clearly knows how to shoot an action scene, but he also invests the whole thing with sort of a wry feeling that ‘we’re all in on the joke’ so when things DO start to get a bit over the top, just remember, it’s a movie and America!

There’s also like, 10000 explosions, so, America.  Go see it. Two thumbs up.  And stay through the credits.


Morrison Luke Smith