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Been super busy writing a lot of frisbee stuff.  It’s all at mlsmith.blogspot.com, if you’re interested.  I’ve also drafted my Yeti review, but, it’ll wait a couple days.  But, here’s a Quick spoiler free StarTrek review.

I liked it.  Benedict Cumberbatch brings requisite gravitas as the token British dude.  They really do act circles around Americans. Except for Daniel Day Lewis he’s… (he’s what?  He’s a flippin’ pommie?  Good grief.  And we let him play Lincoln).  Whatever.

Cumberbatch was sweet in the BBC’s Sherlock, one of my favorite PBS mini-movie series (also starring that guy from the Hobbit).  Playing the mysterious John Harrison, he steals the show when he appears on screen.

But the cast plays in very much an ensemble manner.  Simon Pegg as Scotty brings his Brit Wit to the proceedings… damn, can’t I find an American Actor to rave about?  How about Chris Pine! Never once does he say ‘bro’ and wear a baseball cap backwards! Actually, he captures the spirit of Kirk for me, without actually mimicking Shatner’s cadence.  And Shatner was the Bro of all Bro’s as starfleet commander.

I think it is funny that Pine and Scott Bakula are the “greatest American Actors to helm the enterprise” with Canadian Shatner, and Englishman Patrick Stewart (Picard).

It’s largely a straight action flick with some character development.  I feel we’re in good position for the next one, assuming JJ Abrams can find time from owning the entire geek canon when he makes Star Wars, episode 7, Jar Jar’s Revenge.

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